Feeding Human Food To Dogs

Could feeding dogs table scraps and other human food be harmful?

You may know….

9 million people in the UK suffer from joint problems*
44% of men and **35% of women in the UK are overweight**
But did you know….

40% of the UK’s large breed dogs live with joint problems too
Similar to the human population, up to 50% of the UK’s pets are overweight
To a dog, one human biscuit has the same calorie equivalent as a whole packet

Britain may be a nation of dog lovers, but new research from Eukanuba shows that over a quarter of dog owners are unaware that common dog sensitivities such as putting on weight or sensitive skin can be helped by a change in diet.

The research, commissioned by Eukanuba to coincide with the launch of its new Special Care premium food range for dogs with special nutritional requirements, has shown just how much owners love their pets and care about their nutritional wellbeing. However, all admit they still can’t resist slipping them the odd naughty human treat:

Scraps from a plate – 43%
Home made gravy for dinner – 23%
One of your biscuits – 21%
A homemade meal – 13%
A bite of your chocolate– 13%

The findings point towards the emergence of a new ‘mirrored-diet syndrome’, when many owners and pets share the same health sensitivity problems, concerns and predispositions. For example,, 30% of owners admit obesity is a big pet health worry, 28% fear arthritis will also affect their dog, whilst a sensitive stomach can be a problem for both man and beast.

So what is the answer to preventing these common dispositions from taking hold? Like humans, sensitive or overweight dogs need tailored nutrition to help bolster their immune systems and combat everyday stress and strains.

“Diet and nutritional needs for man’s best friend have become blurred over time, as owners begin to look upon dogs as part of the family, a positive step for socialisation, but not so helpful at meal times” says Monica Lundervold, Eukanuba’s Veterinary Consultant.

“This blurring is a contributing factor as to why more and more dogs are developing the sort of sensitivities and predispositions that affect millions of humans across the world, but unlike humans, the treatment and warning signs are not the same. For example, being able to see a dogs waist and feel its ribs is not a bad sign, as believed by almost 50% of owners surveyed, but the sign a dog is a healthy weight.

This is why Eukanuba, together with vets, has developed a new range of everyday diets to strengthen a dogs natural defences. With Eukanuba Special Care, dogs with common sensitivities can begin living their lives to the max, whilst giving owners the peace of mind that they are providing healthy and nourishing food to make their dogs feel great!”

Eukanuba Special Care’s first success story has already been achieved in a matter of days, proving the fact that natural predispositions needn’t be a problem for any dog, or owner. Eukanuba Sensitive Digestion helped turn Dave, the five year old Victorian Bulldog from a flatulent failure who was banished from the family living room due to his intense odour, into a family favourite in a matter of days. Dave’s owner Mr Highet can’t believe the change:

“We love Dave to bits, but his sensitive digestion was gassing us all out. We hated having to keep him in a separate room every evening, but we felt we had no choice. Finding a cure seemed impossible, but Eukanuba Special Care has miraculously done the trick and literally brought Dave up smelling of roses in a matter of days. Now the whole family can enjoy evenings together without pegs on our noses!”

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